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clean filter


If you want to keep your Oreck XL Professional Air Purifier working at peak performance, it’s important to clean the filter regularly. The filter should be cleaned at least once every three months, but it can be cleaned more often if needed. Here are the steps for how to do so:

Step 1

  • Remove the filter from the base of your unit and dump it into a large trash bag.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the outside of the filter, then wipe down any dust that may be on its surface with a damp cloth. If you have hard-to-reach areas or crevices in your filter, use an old toothbrush to scrub them out.

  • Soak the filter in warm, soapy water for 15 minutes and let it sit as you do this step’s other tasks you can also throw some vinegar into your dishwater if you want to give it an extra boost of cleaning power!

  • Rinse off all soap residue from your filter with warm running water; then hang it up somewhere dry where there’s plenty of air circulation (like on top of a fan) until it is completely dry (this could take anywhere from one day to half a week depending on how humid where you live).

Step 2

The next step is to clean the filter with a solution of vinegar and water. Vinegar is a natural cleaner that will remove any mold or mildew from your filter. Fill a small bowl with 2 cups of vinegar, then add enough water to cover the entire filter. Soak the filter for about five minutes, then rinse it off with warm water until all of the vinegar has been removed from its surface. Let it dry completely before using again!

You can't just use any old type of vinegar; you'll need to use white distilled vinegar for this task because it's stronger than other types and won't leave stains behind on your air purifier's filters (or anything else). You might also want to keep some baking soda on hand if you have pets because they can contribute to odors in certain rooms where they spend time often, like kitchens where food preparation occurs regularly throughout each day."

Step 3

  • Use a vacuum to remove any hair, dust and dirt particles from the filter.

  • Use a soft brush to gently remove any dust or dirt in your filter.

  • To clean the surface of your filter, use a damp cloth. Make sure that you don’t soak it too much, as this can damage the materials used for making it. Cleaning should be done gently without applying too much pressure to avoid damaging them further.

  • You may also use a dry cloth on a regular basis for general cleaning purposes such as removing odors or stains from your air purifier’s exterior surfaces so that they look new whenever you need them again after some time has passed since its last use (for example, if there are many users).

Don't go over 300 degrees.

Don't use a temperature that is too low. Temperatures below 300 degrees can actually damage the filter and make it less effective, so don't go any lower than that.

Don't use a temperature above 300 degrees. If you have an oven with a programmable function to cook at certain temperatures, then this may be fine for most foods and items but not your air purifier's filter! It won't hurt anything if you try it out once or twice, but repeated exposure to really high temperatures will shorten the life of your filter significantly. If the manufacturer recommends using an oven mitt while handling the filter, listen to them!

Don't go over 300 degrees in general when cooking food (or anything else). This can easily ruin whatever food item you're preparing because it leads directly back into "don't."#ENDWRITE


Cleaning your filter at the right time and in the right way is important, but it can be a pain. With these tips, you'll have an easier time keeping your filter clean and running smoothly.


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