how to use holmes air purifier



When you buy a Holmes air purifier, the first thing you should do is read the instructions. The instructions will tell you how to take care of your new machine and make sure it is functioning properly. This article will go through those steps so that you can have a good experience with your new device.

Step 1

  • Check the filter

  • Clean the filter

  • Replace the filter

  • Check the air purifier itself

Step 2

  • The second step is to clean the filter. You should clean it in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, but cleaning it regularly will help keep your air purifier working at peak performance.

  • The third step is to replace the filter when needed. This may be once every few months or once every year, depending on how often you use your air purifier and what type of environment you live in. Some air purifiers have a sensor that detects when they need to be replaced, while others require human intervention (i.e., looking at the manual).

  • The fourth step is to keep your Holmes HEPA Air Purifier out of direct sunlight, heat sources like radiators/stoves/radiators, as well as any other areas where there might be excessive moisture or dust buildup that could damage its filters over time

Step 3

  • Use a vacuum to clean the air purifier. Vacuuming the filter and outer casing can help remove dust and lint that can affect the performance of your machine.

  • Change or clean the filter regularly. The Holmes HAP242-NUC can be used with HEPA filters, carbon filters, or both at once in order to get just the right combination of cleaning power and air flow for your needs. However, you'll need to replace them every 1-2 months depending on the type of filter you choose - carbon filters last longer but don't trap as much dust as HEPA does; since we're talking about an air purifier here I'd suggest sticking with HEPA if possible!

Step 4

  • Empty the dust cup

  • Clean the filters

  • Clean the air purifier

Step 5

  • Check the filters to see if they need to be cleaned.

  • Clean the filter if needed and replace it when it’s time.

  • Clean your air purifier with a wet cloth or vacuum brush attachment, as well as by vacuuming away dust from the whole machine and its base (if applicable).

  • Check for any other damage that could be interfering with performance, such as broken parts or loose screws.

Take care and attend to your air purifier.

  • Cleaning the unit:

  • Changing the filter:

  • Making sure your air purifier is working properly:


A Holmes air purifier can be a valuable addition to your home, but only if it is properly cared for. As with any other appliance, it requires maintenance in order to work optimally. We hope that this guide has given you the knowledge and tools necessary to keep your Holmes air purifier running smoothly!


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